Our Services

Daymark provides a variety of services and the following descriptions give you a good general idea of the ones we provide.

Common Topics


A persistent sense of sadness or loss of motivation in life that decreases a person's energy to function in different parts of their lives (like work, family, friendships).


Experiencing consistent fear and worry, which can manifest itself in apprehension to make decisions and often produce physical symptoms that interfere with daily living.


A sense of diminished confidence or despair resulting from a significant loss or the deprivation of a legitimate desire (e.g. longing to be married, an untimely death of a loved one, loss of job).


Pursuing Christ's healing in the midst of broken trust and intimacy due to a betrayal of the marriage vows through adultery.


Responding to a significant loss in life by allowing the sadness to slowly open our heart, mind, and will to God's redemptive love and care, rather than closing ourselves off in despair.


When a person’s present ability to cope is overwhelmed because they are experiencing a painful or threatening relationship or event that "triggers" memories and/or sensations of past experiences.


Moving toward receiving and resting in God's loving plan for my life, often in the midst of pressures from culture or well-meaning friends and/or family who convey something about us is incomplete and can only be cured by getting married.


Building your life around taking care of, worrying about or supporting another person who is often caught in chaos or difficulty and may have an illness or addiction.


Mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances that can lead to breakdown in our relationships and functioning.