Come And Be Restored

Daymark Pastoral Counseling seeks to reflect the light of the Gospel and the counsel of Scripture.

Daymark has brought a profound clarity to my personal, marital & family issues. The counselors listen & equip, not with ten steps to better yourself, but with biblical insight & a renewed sense of freedom that only joy in Christ can provide. Adam, Daymark Friend

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A Cry for Help

So, my kids and I love water. We love splashing, playing, and swimming in natural bodies of water both big and small. Lakes, creeks, rivers and the occasional ocean have all been some of our favorite natural playgrounds over the years and thankfully Alabama has plenty of these to choose from. They are much cheaper than a pool membership and they often provide unique adventures and interesting conversation starters. You never get to encounter poisonous snakes, shady, Southern riff-raff or drug paraphernalia at your neighborhood pool. And only in the great outdoors do you get to make cool slow-mo videos of your kids swimming under booming waterfalls or jumping off rocks into cold pools of water below.