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Daymark Pastoral Counseling seeks to reflect the light of the Gospel and the counsel of Scripture.

Daymark has brought a profound clarity to my personal, marital & family issues. The counselors listen & equip, not with ten steps to better yourself, but with biblical insight & a renewed sense of freedom that only joy in Christ can provide. Adam, Daymark Friend

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Institutions Can't Provide What We Ultimately Need...Redemption

Never in our lives have institutions been such a part of shaping the way we live, think, and discuss issues. We are in the midst of a global pandemic and are affected by institutionally required quarantines, social distancing, wearing of protective masks in public, and many more mandates. We have people calling for institutional reform for law enforcement agencies, protesting all around the country at various levels of public intensity. We look to and expect much from institutions to effect positive outcomes over daily concerns: we count on local, state, and federal government to enact laws and represent our interests, trust in schools to educate us, expect courts to promote justice and oversee the administration of our laws, expect the military to protect our nation, depend on law enforcement agencies to promote safety, attend churches to lead and shape our religious worship, and rely on so many more institutions that affect our daily lives.