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Daymark Pastoral Counseling seeks to reflect the light of the Gospel and the counsel of Scripture.

Daymark has brought a profound clarity to my personal, marital & family issues. The counselors listen & equip, not with ten steps to better yourself, but with biblical insight & a renewed sense of freedom that only joy in Christ can provide. Adam, Daymark Friend

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No Sex in Heaven!

Christianity’s teaching on sex is counter-cultural in a variety of ways. First, the Bible never blushes when talking about the God-given goodness of sexual desire and expression within the context of marriage.  In the book of Proverbs, a wise father counsels his son to reject the dangers of adultery and instead let his wife’s breasts “…fill you at all times with delight,” (Prov. 5:19). An entire book of the Bible, the Song of Solomon, is a description of marital, romantic and sexual love between a husband and a bride.  Unfortunately, this truth about the inherent goodness of sex is often more countercultural within the church than in the world.