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Daymark Pastoral Counseling seeks to reflect the light of the Gospel and the counsel of Scripture.

Daymark has brought a profound clarity to my personal, marital & family issues. The counselors listen & equip, not with ten steps to better yourself, but with biblical insight & a renewed sense of freedom that only joy in Christ can provide. Adam, Daymark Friend

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Pain and Joy in the Family of God

       Church is hard for a lot of people. Yes, there are those great moments we all have when we think, “This is it, this is what the Body of Christ is supposed to be!” But often it’s not like that. I go to a truly wonderful church, and yet occasionally a Sunday morning can feel to me like a college philosophy class, or a sales meeting for a time-share in heaven. I’ve heard it said that a church get-together feels like a martini party without the martinis.