ERROLL LEWIS is grateful for God's call on his life to minister to others through counseling.  He believes that through belief in the Gospel and understanding and practical application of biblical principles, people can successfully navigate the guaranteed afflictions of life.  While he is willing to minister to women, he holds a special desire to see men heal and grow into what God has called them to be.  Erroll provides individual counsel for many situations, including stress, anxiety, and situational depression.  He also provides premarital and marriage counseling for couples.

Erroll received his Master of Art in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice College and Seminary, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Pastoral Counseling from Regent University, with a research interest in Christian men of ethnic minorities and their reluctance to seek counseling services.  He is also a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor through the National Christian Counselors Association, with special training in Temperament Therapy.

He has been married to Corinth Lewis since 2012.  They have 3 children: Elijah, Julian, and Elizabeth.  He also serves as an ordained elder of his local church. 

Please note that Erroll meets with his clients at 1414 6th Ave N, Birmingham.