Events & Seminars

Bill White, Eric Venable, Sarah Atwell and Gordon Bals are available to speak to groups in seminar or retreat settings. Additionally, we would be happy to tailor a seminar or retreat to the needs of your group.

February 24, 2024

An Evening with Harrison Scott Key

Samford University Wright Center
Birmingham, AL

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March 26, 2024

Lenten Lunch Series by Gordon Bals

Cathedral church of the advent
Birmingham, AL

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Sundays at 5:30 through March 17, 2024

Growing Together as a Gospel-Centered Community by Bill White

Christ Fellowship Church
Homewood, AL

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Available Seminars

Gordon Bals

Common Ground: Discovering God's Redemption in Your Marriage

Audience: Married and engaged couples 

Marriage is meant for oneness – to be a relationship of mutual support – but it often brings tension and relational frustration. Although marriage is hard it does not have to lead to hardened and divided hearts. The difficulty of marriage can lead you toward God’s grace in a way that softens you and brings togetherness. Participating in this seminar helps couples identify and transform harmful relational patterns by showing them how to uniquely cooperate with God in building togetherness.

Gordon Bals

Home Base: Growing a Life-Giving Family

Audience: Parents of children preteen and below 

When kids play hide and seek the only place of rest is “home base,” which is a picture of real life. Families are designed to be a child’s home base but many lack the understanding to integrate the Gospel into family life. This seminar will help you develop a nurturing foundation, understand good discipline, cultivate settled and vibrant sexuality and connect your children to the Lord and His word for the long haul.

Gordon Bals

Grace from Head to Heart: Rediscovering God’s Kindness in a Fallen World

Audience: Suitable for general audience, both male and female 

Grace is easier to understand theoretically than it is to welcome on a heart level. God is kind – but in a world of sin and suffering this kindness is often obscured and experienced only by those who live life “counter-intuitively”.  This seminar helps attendees internalize grace in a way that facilitates heart change, and they will find themselves opening up to God and others in fresh new ways.

Gordon Bals

Faith & Sexuality: Old News or Good News?

Genuine and flourishing sexuality is elusive in our sex-crazed culture. Yet, life-giving sexuality is essential to Christian living and provides unique refreshment to those who understand its purpose. This seminar conveys a Biblical understanding of sexuality and explores how it applies to every day living including the marital relationship and child rearing.

Gordon Bals

Everyday Manhood: Living Beyond Performance and Pressure

Audience: Men

Our culture is full of mythical figures like the “Knight in Shining Armor,” and tends to glorify celebrities and experts. However the Lord, “Does not delight in the strength of a man but takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love,” (Psalm 147:10-11). This seminar provides men with a more life-giving approach to masculinity and gives them insight to battle pressure and discouragement while illustrating the avenues to gain more confidence as a man.

Bill White

For the Long Haul - Preparing Well for Marriage that will Last

Audience: Pre-engaged or engaged couples

Oftentimes knowing how to aim for a lifetime of togetherness with the one you love is a daunting task.  Research and anecdotal evidence demonstrate that couples who prepare well and continue to grow in certain key areas - communication, finances, sexual intimacy, extended family, and more - are much better prepared for a joyful marriage over the long haul.  In this seminar participants will be educated and given guidance in those areas that will help them build a foundation for a strong and nourishing marriage