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Common Ground: God's Gift of a Restored Marriage

Many Christian couples end up alienated from each other and indifferent towards God because they focus too much on the everyday events lived out in flesh and blood and remain blind to the influence of evil in their marriage.

Session 1 Gordon Bals

Opening: What is Your Marriage Metaphor

Session 2 Gordon Bals

Unmasking Marital Division & Understanding the Path to Togetherness

They do not realize that on the day they said, “I do,” they picked a fight with Satan.

Session 3 Gordon Bals

Calling of a Husband: Following God into Involvement with your Wife

God loves marriage and hates divorce. Satan loves divorce and hates marriage.

Session 4 Gordon Bals

Calling of a Wife: Following God into Cooperation with your Husband

Because marriage plays a key role in God’s redemptive plan, evil attacks it without mercy and pushes couples towards separation and away from God.

Session 5 Gordon Bals

The Fruit of Togetherness - Mutally Enjoyable Sexual Intimacy

Attending this seminar will help couples: understand the nature of common ground (marital togetherness), discover the pathways towards common ground, gain insight to uncover and resist the way evil works to destroy common ground, and be refreshed in their faith and passion for marriage.

Session 6 Gordon Bals

Q & A

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